How to De-Clutter and ❤️ Your Closet

Let’s get your closet ready to “shop” in.  (Your own personal boutique) 

First - WE Purge.  (The cleansing part)

If you want to “Maria Kondo” it, put everything on your bed and pick each item up.  For the “express version,” just go through and take things out of your closet.

A.  Ask yourself -Do I feel good when I Put this on?

B. Has it been more than a year since I wore this?  All the items you don’t feel good in, put right in the Donate pile.  Nearly ALL of the items you haven’t put on for a year, go in the donate pile.  You’ve looked at it 365 times, and chosen against it.  Don’t have it take up essential closet space.  Swap it out for something new.

Whew, don’t you feel a little cleansed looking at that Donate pile?

Now - you can take it to Tribeca

We’ll Donate it to women in need for you!!!


Second WE Organize  (Saves you time)

A. Organize by Category -  Dresses, Jackets, Sweaters, Tees, Tops by sleeve length, Pants...

B.  Organize by Color (light to dark.)

C. Face all the hangers the same way.  If you want to really do it up.  Check out these skinny velvet non slip hangers at Amazon.

D. When you take an item out to wear, put hanger back where it was, so you know exactly where to put it back at end of day.  

Now,  you know exactly where to find a white cami and your fave black leather jacket.  Or you  want a long sleeve dark top and light jeans for a hot date - now you can pluck out that perfect outfit in five seconds. 


Third. Treat yourself 

You deserve a pat on the back, and a reward for your now “instaworthy closet.” Replace those well loved items with an new color, updated hem or wash.   This is your chance to grab a bright new top, colorful sweater or new leather jacket to wear with everything. (And at 20% off through Feb. 9th)


Fourth. Better yet let someone else do it

Have our very own resident expert Liz do it for you. She can do all the work for you, put outfits together and get you the essentials you are missing. You can reach her by email at, or come say hello to her at the store.