When do you get new merchandise?

We receive shipments of new merchandise pretty much every day! Our stock has a high turnover rate and items go quickly, so we are always opening boxes and putting new things out on a daily basis.

Are there more sizes in store/online?

We do not have extra stock of sizes in any of the items that we order! Merchandise comes prepacked so we are unable to choose specific sizes or special order sizes on items. However, our website only shows a portion of what we have in the physical store! If you see something sold out in your size online, we are confident we can help you find something similar at our brick-and-mortar location.

Where are your clothes made?

We currently carry over 50 different brands in the store! Many of our brands are based out of Los Angeles and New York City. However, some items, like our sunglasses, are made and designed in Chicago! All merchandise is sourced at trade shows that happen all over the United States.

Are Jordan and Jill sisters?

No! But thank you for asking!! We get this question all the time. Not sisters, just best friends bringing you style to enjoy. <3