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1 Touch Less Copper Key Chain Hook - Copper is the 1st surface material to receive approval by the EPA for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Avoid touching possibly infected surfaces, by reducing chances of contamination with this hook. A handy tool for avoiding contact with public surfaces.
Copper key chain hook is an everyday carry tool that functions as a button pusher, door opener, & stylus. With this, it's never been easier to avoid contact with:

- Door Handles
- Elevator Buttons
- ATMs
- Public Checkouts
- Public Bathrooms (doors, sinks, locks)
- Parking Meters
- One customer told me he even carries his grocery bags!

The copper key chain is also a great gift for family, friends, co-workers, employees, and community members, especially those working on the front lines.

Made in the USA with 99 percent pure copper plating.

Benefits of Copper:

- Environmentally Sustainable & 100% Recyclable

- Durably made for constant use & extremely resistant to corrosion

- Color & feel age beautifully

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